WISTRA - Wire Straighteners

Our specially engineered and manufactured wire straightener products are offering modularity, flexibility, ergonomics, precision, durability and quality for straightening wire, tube, strip and bar.

WISTRA can be used in many configurations to provide solutions to almost every need in wire straightening. It can be used multi-plane at many different angles, and you can combine as many stages as desired. In addition, the number of rolls per plane can be adjusted as desired. The pressure of each roll can be adjusted independently and easily. Thanks to the quick-release mechanism, installing and uninstalling operations can be carried out easily.

WISTRA is equipped with v-groove straightening rolls to accommodate a range of wire sizes but can also be supplied with customised straightening rolls, featuring radius or rectangular grooves, suitable for straightening tube, bar and strip.

The standard range provides a solution for wires as thin as 1mm through to bar and tube diameter 16mm.

In addition to our standard wire straightening products, we offer in-process straighteners which can be integrated into a machine or a production line, and a wide variety of customised wire straightening tools.

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