Multiphysics Simulation

An uncomfortable truth about modern engineering is that there really are no easy problems left to solve. In order to meet the demands of industry, it’s no longer good enough to do ‘a bit of CFD’ or ‘some stress analysis’.

Complex industrial problems require solutions that span a multitude of physical phenomena, which often can only be solved using simulation techniques that cross several engineering disciplines.

Flow Dominated Multiphysics


Almost all practical problems in fluid dynamics involve the interaction between a gas or liquid (or combination of both) with a solid object, and include a range of associated physics including heat transfer, particle transport, erosion, deposition, flow-induced-stress, combustion and chemical reaction.

Structures Dominated Multiphysics


Accurately prescribing boundary conditions is often key to performing structural mechanics simulations. Often those boundary conditions are dependent on the flow of fluids, in and around the structure in question.