Aerostructures Simulation

Due to the growing number of new and emerging aircraft manufacturers, there is more pressure to deliver with shorter lead times and at competitive costs. However, meeting shorter project timelines is challenged by the fact that aircraft engineering teams today use disconnected systems for load management, design, simulation, margin of safety, and flutter analysis. Additionally, 60 percent of the nonrecurring cost of a commercial aircraft is spent on the structure, which means that any improvement in the structural analysis process will have a key impact on reducing the delays and the cost overruns.

Simcenter can help you meet shorter timelines and reduce structural analysis costs with the ability to perform end-to-end aerostructure assessment in a fully integrated environment. Eliminate mistakes and ramp up productivity with ready-to-use failure prediction methods and customize your solution by integrating your internal tools and IP to streamline your aerostructures analysis processes.



Flutter is an unstable oscillation caused by interaction of aerodynamic forces and is a very dangerous condition for aircraft because it can lead to destruction. With Simcenter, you can perform aeroelastic flutter analysis where you define the aerodynamic model as well as aerodynamic and flutter analysis parameters like Mach numbers and altitudes. On top of that, the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) definition has been integrated to help you easily define these parameters.

Margin of Safety


Integrate geometry, loads, materials, and margin of safety calculations together to ensure the perfect traceability needed to obtain certification. You can also use out-of-the -box analytical methods for the margin of safety calculation, or seamlessly incorporate your own proprietary calculation methods in a user-friendly interface.