SCORD - Bread Dough Scoring Robot

Join Industry 4.0 revolution! Our unique robot – SCORD eliminates labour and enables ideal scoring operation!

The 3D visioning system in SCORD scans every single dough on the production line with no mistake and creates unique 3D maps of each. It then calculates the ideal scoring path for each dough and transfer those information to its robotic subsystem. Our talented robot does the rest and creates perfect cuts on every dough.

The operation is completely autonomous where no operator intervention is needed. SCORD automatically adapts itself to production line speed as it stands-by in the absence of doughs.

In addition to its superior scoring capabilities, SCORD provides production analytics to its user.

Save you scoring labour and reduce your costs! Boost your production and profit! Assure food safety with SCORD!


  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Capable of scoring in different patterns (linear, curved, angled, cross, etc.)
  • Production line speed adaptation
  • High quality scoring by regular blade, water jet or disc blade
  • Automatic blade cleaning
  • Adjustable scoring parameters (scoring depth, angle, offset, deviation, etc.)
  • Production data analytics and automatic reporting

Scoring Patterns

Dough Shape, Position, and Orientation Irregularities


  • Operates over 3 meters wide production line (Ask for custom dimensions)
  • 24/7 operation in varying light, temperature and humidity conditions (indoor)
  • Capacity/Speed: 4000 doughs/hour


  • Eliminates scoring labour
  • Reduces labour and operational costs
  • Reduces dough scrap by quality scoring
  • Reduces work accidents
  • Increases food safety and profitability
  • Production data analytics
  • Superior return-on-investment